A dynamic and lively campsite, rich in initiative and energy, surrounded by greenery and only a few miles from the old town of Perugia.

Rocolo campsite was opened at the end of the 70s and was targeted at those who love nature and outdoor living. Today, the conscientious and thoughtful owners have made Rocolo so much more than a campsite which meets the needs of everyone.
It is the perfect place for tourists who want to visit Umbria but also for residents who want to spend the day or the weekend relaxing and enjoying themselves. Rocolo is also ideal for those who come to Umbria for a big celebrations or events such as Umbria Jazz, Euro Chocolate or family outings to places such as Parco Città della Domenica.

For young people or music lovers the campsite organises events, live music, discos, aperitifs, dinners and pool parties.

For our younger customers there is the summer camp with exciting and educational activities.

Families, tour groups and professionals can spend the day or the weekend and take advantage of a wide range of facilities: lunch breaks by the pool, dinners in the open air, swimming, massage, walks and so much more.

For those who love nature and outdoor living, Rocolo offers the possibility to take advantage of the typical open spaces of the campsite and various activities such as strolls, hillwalking, outdoor fitness, all in the natural environment of the Trinità hills.

The history: Rocolo was opened in 1978. Its name is derived from the no longer used Italian word meaning a refuge where hunters took shelter during the night before their early morning hunt. This word is still evocative of the surrounding area with its green grass shaded from the sun by the many olive trees or the forests with chestnut and oak trees.